I was born in Ireland and grew up in Luxembourg, where I started drawing, reading comics and getting in to art and film. I went to a high school specialised in art and never looked back.

Back in 2008 I graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth with a Bachelors dEgRee in Animation Production. And since have worked mostly in Luxembourg at Fabrique d'Images.

I've worked as 2D Animator, 3D Animator, Storyboarder, Animation Director and Director.

I Got the chance to Co-Direct my first Feature film Two By Two with Toby Genkel, that was released world wide in 2015. 

Since, I have branched out to writing and Co-Wrote on "Luis and His Friends From Outer Space that I also Co-DirectED. I am currently Developing two new features, Ellie and the Christmas Creep and the Sequel to two by two.

I love all things animation, comics, gaming and am basically a big ol' geek!

Get in touch and lets geek out together!


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